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I am not sure what I am going to write but I am sure I will figure out something. Currently I am outside watching the girls play, seeing the lightening bugs light up the lawn like lovely little fairies and I can smell the honeysuckle in the air. It is quite idyllic. Of course I could also mention that there is heat advisories and it has been so hot today that we have all been dripping sweat. But still, the slight coolness now and damn the honeysuckle smells good. Well, balance right?
Farm life is fun though. Jack is kept busy. I am too. It is insane that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I mostly collect eggs every day, clean and sort. One of my jobs. It is hot work. But the chickens are getting to the point where they aren’t pecking so much, which makes it easier. Usually I go by myself or Layla comes with me. It is a quiet point in my day which is nice. A favorite part of my day is when I am walking back from taking the eggs to the greenhouse, where the cooler is. It is quiet, and I just get this view of the farm. It is beautiful. There is so much sky here. That would make sense if I could get a picture of it. It is sky and it is blue and well, it is lovely. Lovely. It makes me yearn though for a place of our own.
I have also been helping when I can. Seeding in the greenhouse is something I can do and the girls stay decently occupied. I have done it a few times now and while I have never had a green thumb I have been praying quite constantly to the goddess of green growing things. It seems to have been working and I am happy to say that my seeds are growing nicely. Oh and by the way, those trays are heavy!!! I have also been helping with the processing of chickens. I am happy to say that I have finally gotten it down. I am decently fast and I feel very accomplished that I can do this now. Natalie has been helping also by actually killing chickens. The girls also helps wrangle chickens. I am very proud of them. Oh and one of the pictures is my view of the night sky while spinning. It is quite something. Oh so, egg collecting, processing chickens, seeding. I have also been helping with sales, have taken some chickens to market and done one farmers market and hopefully that will be a regular thing. I enjoy farmers markets. The rv is getting liveable, it isn’t quite there but getting there. I’m still waiting for pictures to load right now… Jack is trying to hook up power so we can have ac in the rv. It is pretty unbearable in there during the day. It is one thing for how hot it is outside, but inside? It is bad. And trying to cook in there? Even worse. It is also getting quite dark out here now 🙂 I am probably going to have to close this post now. Oh we did find 106 acres for about 145 here. No house so if anyone is interested in going in with us and living in yurts and farming that land, let us know 🙂 Okay I am going to do a separate post with pics cuz I wanna go home and shower and just can’t wait any longer!!!


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