Okay so I love broccoli almost as much as cucumbers 🙂 We ended up with A LOT!!!! like way too much to eat at one time, though that was, was, hard for me to imagine. So we, Ame and I, spent a day, and I really mean a day, from like 9 to 7 only breaking for lunch, washing, blanching, cutting and freezing broccoli. It was fun. We listening to Irish folk music and the kids played with the cabbage worms, these are organic broccolis 🙂 while I tried not to squeal too many times when I found the big ones. The girls did think that was funny. And we had some miscommunication. The girls take the slop out to the pigs and well there are small pigs, a mama pig and babies, and a pen with a good number of pigs. So we had been handing the girls big 5 gallon buckets to take to the pigs and after the 3 one I asked, so you girls are taking them to all the pigs right, not just to one pen, right? Nope, they had taken 10 gallons of broccoli trimmings to the 3 small pigs. Yep. We had to have a talk about how much food a small pig like that can possibly eat. But it was a fun day and we got much accomplished. I am going to upload some pics of the harvesting we did that day also.


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