So it is really sweet that people have actually asked how our animals have been adjusting. The cats, well, they could about care less. I did have a picture of Kali but it is on my phone and I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to get it on here. The biggest problem with the cats is that their litter box is in our shower. This needs to be changed soon but I am not sure how. They have both ventured outside and mostly just stayed right by the rv. Kali did have a run in with a locust tree. For those of you who do not know, these have some major thorns on them.
That is what the thorns look like. She tried to climb the tree and got a branch of thorns stuck in her. She very calmly came to me when I called and I pulled it out. A thorn was stuck about an inch and a half into her chest. She seems to be doing alright though.
Our rabbits have not faired so well. Joe died. It was our second day here and we think the heat and well just the stress of everything he died. The others seem to be doing alright. Silver Foxes just might not be great for this climate. We haven’t bred anyone yet mostly because we do not know the market just yet. So really besides the death of one they haven’t done bad, but still, it was very sad for us to lose him right after getting here.
Now Huck though. He has transformed. Really transformed. It was worrisome the first week we were here. He howled and whined and freaked if Jack walked off, or if we actually left the farm. We had to have Curtis occupy him so he didn’t notice if we left. He was totally confused over what he was supposed to do. There are other farm dogs here also. He is getting along fine with most of them, the other he just runs from 🙂 Anyway, so Huck was totally a fish out of water. He was used to be mostly inside and being outside without a clear home base freaked him out. I can proudly say though that now Huck is an amazing farm dog. He roams the farm, mostly with us, barks at the odd things and only the odd things. He can follow the farm trucks bounding along with the greatest of ease. He comes with me every time I go to collect eggs. He follows Jack into the field when there is planting. He guards the greenhouse while we are seeding. He is awesome. And sadly, sorry, he is the only one I have pictures of.


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