The Trip!

Yes, about two weeks later I am finally getting around to writing about the trip. It was not fun. How does that sum it up? Though Jack and I both find it slightly funny that the girls were actually better driving for 5 days than they are driving for a half hour. I am glad and I would much rather the odd half hour trip from hell than a 5 day trip from hell. So we decided based on weather reports to not go through the Snolomieanomishahokiepokie Pass. Yes, I do not know the actual name for the pass, but anyone in Washington probably has a decent idea which one I am talking about. Anyway, they were calling for ice and a decent amount of snow. So we knew this weird storm was right behind us. We knew that we were leaving with this like arctic cold front like on our ass, but we were hoping to get in front of it. We didn’t, not really. We went down through Portland and through the Dalles. We stopped at Costco at some point and picked up some bread, lunch meat, cheese and some snacks. That actually saved us some money, and it was good to munch on carrots when you are starting to get tired driving. The Dalles was beautiful. So beautiful. I do wish we had been able to stop at some point to see them better. Or at least could have gotten some pictures. It was neat. Jack also made me drive the first day out. I was terrified. I would have like to get a better feel for what it was like driving, or really riding, but this is why Jack and I balance each other so well, he knows pretty well how far he can push me and get me off my ass and do something I am scared of. So I drove. It was windy. I didn’t kill us. I was shakey for a good while after. I did drive every day of our trip. Some times it wasn’t horrible, sometimes it was. At one point I saw a big truck slam on its breaks, so I slowed and got into the other lane to avoid hitting them only to almost hit the person in that lane at they slammed on their breaks. There was an accident right in front of us and we had just missed it. And I just avoided causing another. As Jack yells at me breaks, breaks, trailer breaks, don’t forget your trailer breaks!!!!!
Anyway, day one we didn’t make it very far, I think it was 6 hours into our trip. I checked the weather each night for like the next few areas we were going through. I just kept seeing snow. I really really didn’t want snow. Really. But yes the next morning as we were leaving Oregon we had snow. A good bit of it. And it just kept coming. We would just watch the temperature drop as we climbed the passes. So incredibly not fun. We made it to Idaho. And there we saw more snow. It happened very suddenly from a good rain to snow, wet slippery slushy snow. Visibility went down drastically and we just saw cars sliding off the side of the road. That was scary. So scary. I am so glad that Jack was driving at that point cuz well, I didn’t want it to be me. That cold front was still kicking our ass. We would be in front of it by the time we stopped for the night but then it would be right behind us when we started out in the morning. So we made it into Utah that night. We actually stopped in enough time to actually sit down and eat a warm dinner. That was helpful.
So we started out the next day in Utah. I will say that Utah is really beautiful also. I was impressed. Though we didn’t see much of it. It was beautiful. And I loved their pass. It went around the mountains, not up and down, round and bout. It was nice. But then we got to Wyoming. Wind. Why call it Wyoming? Why not call it Wind? Really really windy. OMGess. The fun part that I should mention was all the kids being asleep and us getting to about 1/4 of a tank. We had, according the the truck computer which had been decent until that time about 120 miles left. There was 60 or so miles to the next service stop. We figured we would stop then so as not to wake up daughters to pee. The wind was coming at us and it was increasing. And then we started going up. And we watched the dial on the gas go down and down and down. Then the light came on. By the way, the hill, the load we had and the wind combined made it so we were going about 35 up that hill. It was pretty heart stopping. We made it to the gas station, we figured we had less than a half gallon of gas left in the tank when we filled up. Sigh. We decided that we would fill up at a quarter tank no matter what after that. So Wyoming besides our heart stopping adventure was pretty damn boring. Still cold too. We made it to Nebraska and stopped for the night. We met a family from Joplin, which is close to here that night. They were nice and we explained to them what a CSA was. It is so nice to meet random strangers. It is something that helps/helped me realize I am not shy. It isn’t shyness. I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. Anyway, we looked at the weather for the next day and we were kinda ehhhhh about driving the next day. There were supposed to be high winds and thunderstorms. But Jack talked to the rv park guy and he said that this was pretty much what it was like this time of year. We got a late start, but we headed out.
So what day is this? Who knows, we were driving though. And there were high winds. Again, not fun. I wonder how many times I can say that. Though also remember that the person writing this 1. doesn’t like driving 2. doesn’t like driving in big trucks and 3. doesn’t like anything behind big trucks that she may be driving not to mention a freakin 26 foot rv behind the damn thing. If anyone thought that I might describe this trip as fun, well, they must be on some damn good drugs. I knew the trip would be hard for me. So anyway, yes, more wind through Nebraska. You know every once in awhile we would call the state highway number just to see what the road conditions were like and it would say something like normal seasonal conditions. What I truly loved was throughout Wyoming and Nebraska and maybe a few other states they had road blocks cuz I guess at points they just completely close the roads. I am wondering if it is a snow thing? I am not sure, but it was interesting. We made it into Missouri that night and that did feel good. Really it did. Though we were stopping for the night we were close. If we had kept going we would have made it there at like 10 pm. We just didn’t want to get there that late.
So the last day of our trip. We were in Missouri, like 5 hours from the farm. By the way the weather is still behind us. There is forecasted thunderstorms coming at us and well, yeah. But it was actually very uneventful driving. Which was a very welcome change. This is when though I started to get very very nervous. I mean the driving was pretty easy and we were close. And it was scary. I had to keep talking myself down from freaking out. I mean, well, ya’ll know me. I was FREAKIN out!!!
But we got there. Curtis was really nice, we met Wes first and he also was so nice. He showed us around and the girls like ran off with the other girls on the farm and it was good. And then it started storming!!! We all end up inside and I admit I was still freaked out. It seems that when it really truly matters I totally clam up and am past shy. I am afraid that my first impression to Sarah was not that great. Lunch was served and it was nice, so odd to see so many people around the table. I was convinced I would never be able to keep their 7 girls straight. I was totally intimidated. It was also a CSA day. Not a good day. Sarah was busy making bread, everyone was harvesting, having seen 3 CSA days now, I totally get why our first day here seemed completely overwhelming. It is still a crazy day. We are still settling and I am sure that hopefully soon Jack will have some sort of internet hooked up to our rv. I hope to write more. But this is at least our trip 🙂


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