You know how books start with acknowledgments? You know, without these people this book would not have been made? Well, we have acknowledgments and I haven’t been able to sleep so I might as well do something useful. Really we would not be where we are, about to leave this morning without these people. I’m getting teary eyed. Community. You know, this is what I would love to see more of. First, we really need to thank Rachel. If we had been taking those 4, 5, however many trips to goodwill, well, there would still be a whole lot more stuff in our house. We could not have done this without Rachel. She also took our chickens and our coop! I will be forever thankful to Rachel. Forever.
And our neighbor Greg. Oh my. Really. He is the one taking care of our dump runs. It didn’t stop there either. He is taking care of all the stuff that we are leaving. Words almost cannot describe what a weight this lifts from us. The generosity of people amaze me. Please forgive me if I make little sense, or if I forget someone, I am sure to remember them later, just really 2 hours of sleep and lots of butterflies in your belly, well, it is all pretty intense right now. Greg is another person we will never forget. Our neighbors ROCK! The girls love going over there. Gwendy loves Greg. It is so sweet. We would not be here without Greg. We are going to miss our neighbors.
And then there are the people who came over, took what they could whether it was a box to goodwill, our liquor, misc cooking stuff, anything and everything helped us towards our goal. And the small breaks of talking, seeing our friends for a little while is probably what kept me from banging my head against the wall. Moving 1840 sq ft into a 26 foot trailer, well, really take my advice, give yourself a little more than two weeks, okay? These people are much appreciated and I am extremely thankful to them. The fact that naming them all would take awhile also is amazing and I am thankful for that too. Again community. No one has to do a lot if everyone does a little. Packing a box, holding a child, shoving a rabbit cage into a truck and getting pee on you, this is how you know friends love you. And I do love all of you. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for helping us to our dream. Yes, I am crying now.
Really, without emotional support, well, that is more than half sometimes. I want to thank Amy for starting the thread about Valerie memories. Those lifted me when I was down, when I thought I could not put another thing in the box. Thank you for all of you who shared something. (UGGG!! packed too much, where are my hankies?) I hope along our trip we have internet because I would love to share memories I have with you.
Like I said, I was unable to sleep. Got up at four this morning. Going to switch my fb settings so I can post and receive texts. Just on my posts right now, it might be a little much to get a text for each post from my friends 🙂 Then it is on to wake up Jack, pack the last little things and head out. I’m asking for anyone of you to pray and keep us in your thoughts, driving is sure to be an adventure. Anyone would like to pray for it to be less of an adventure I would be thankful to. Driving is not my thing, terrified really, that accounts for my lack of sleep. I am hoping it goes well and trying to stay positive that it will.
So thank you, keep us in your thoughts and I will try to update as often as I can.


One thought on “Acknowledgments

  1. RedSpiral

    You are SO loved and we are going to miss you so much, Valerie, girls, crazy Jack! I hope you find (and co-create, if necessary) a new community down south that fills your cup and supports you, and meets you where you are with open, loving arms. When you start to miss the Washington apples, let me know. 😉 ❤ LOVE YOU


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