So Starts a New Adventure

and it is scary

and it is exciting

It is something that is for sure. We are starting new. Being reborn, following our dreams. It doesn’t seem like people follow their dreams anymore. It seems that we just like to stay where it is comfortable, where we know what is going to happen day after day, even if it is something we don’t like. Even if it is slowly killing us and our spirit. Seems like we should go back to following our dreams, yes, they make be crazy but greatness comes from crazy. So lets all try to invite a little more craziness into our life.

Our story starts this time with Jack getting out of the navy. A pretty big step actually. And of course there was the inability to find a job that was where we wanted, what we wanted, and that well wanted him. I think we have gotten a little picky after not really having much choice for the past 12 years. Or maybe it was not having much choice over what we were doing. Our dream for awhile has been to have more land, animals, livestock, garden, we want a farm. We figured that this was something to work towards. Something that in a couple of years after saving up some more money we would do. And I remember Jack talking to me as I was walking to my car after work, “wanna hear something crazy?” And he starts reading to me about a farm internship in Missouri. Oh it scared me. This is not something that was alright with me. It is scary. This is letting go of that comfort, the cushion, the well everything. This is opening up and letting go and trusting that it will all work out. Okay, maybe that is overreacting. maybe. But that is how it felt to me.
So we are interning at a farm in Missouri. We are selling everything, or very near to, moving into a RV and driving 1/2 way across the country to work on a farm. The girls are super excited, they enjoy the small amount of farm life we have had here, they want more. This is them. This is the whole family. This is us, this is our dream. In a few days, this will be our life.


One thought on “So Starts a New Adventure

  1. Beth

    What a beautiful beginning to a great adventure! I have uber respect for you and yours for following your dreams and livin' the crazy!! Good luck! 🙂


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